When you hear Mookie Wilson or Bill Buckner‘s name, you typically think of one moment in baseball history:

But what if Buckner had fielded that ground ball cleanly? Would the Boston Red Sox had gone on to win the game? Or would Wilson have been able to beat Buckner to the bag, thus giving the New York Mets a shot?

Wilson gave his take last week on The Covino and Rich Show.

I’ve went back, because people ask me all the time, “Would you have beaten that out?” And I said I never really thought about that because I didn’t care – because I won. Who cares if I would’ve beat it out or not? But since you asked the question, now I go back and look at the video. … Could Bill have recovered enough to beat me to the bag? I don’t think he could’ve…. And Bill and I, we’ve spoken about this a couple of times, I don’t think he would’ve beat me to the bag. It would’ve been a footrace – my two good feet, and his one.

How confident is Wilson? He told Covino and Rich that he’d bet 50 bucks on it.

As for whether Wilson is sick of talking about that play:

“That moment’s still making me a buck here or there. Why would I get sick of it?”

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