‘Models end up dating losers’: Molly Sims on her new book, dating, and making it happen on Wake Up With Taylor

Molly Sims is a major catch.

She is a gorgeous super model and actress. She has starred in The Benchwarmers and Fired Up, and her husband Scott Stuber has produced gut busters like Ted and A Million Ways to Die in the West, so you best believe this lady can go for a laugh. Did we mention she just published a book too? The Everyday Supermodel is part Hollywood tell-all and part survival guide to living healthy, happy, and beautiful (inside and out, of course).

You’ll be shocked to know that Sims recently stopped by on Wake Up With Taylor to tell us about her devastating experiences being dumped. Taylor praised Sims’ candid chapter on the difficulties involved in her dating life. (It’s called “I Made That Sh-t Happen,” which is arguably the best chapter title in a book ever.)

“Just because you’re in the public eye, [people] think ‘Oh, you’ve never been dumped.’ I was freakin’ dumped two times before I met my husband and dumped badly. Like one guy dumped me so hard that my mother had to come and stay with me for a month, and I had a sea grass carpeting in my bedroom, and I laid on it for so long that it was imprinted [on my skin],” Sims said. “In our world, you never have consistency. From 21 years old, I’ve never known what I’m going to do tomorrow … I think that’s why models end up dating losers. Because they have someone to travel with. They have someone to talk to.”

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