’s Ken Gurnick explains controversial Hall of Fame ballot

No one has ever been unanimously voted into the MLB Hall of Fame. And when the 2014 class is announced Wednesday at 2 pm ET, the record will remain in tact.

Greg Maddux, the starting pitcher known best for his contributions to the Cubs and Braves, has 355 wins to his name. He won four consecutive Cy Young awards from 1992 to 1995. But for at least one writer – who made his ballot public – no player from the “steroid era” of the 1990s should be allowed into the Hall of Fame. That includes Maddux and every other member of the 2014 ballot, beside former Tigers pitcher Jack Morris.

Ken Gurnick, the Los Angeles Dodgers beat writer for, joined Inside Pitch with Casey Stern and Jim Bowden to defend his vote.

“It won’t be an explanation that too many people will accept,” Gurnick told Stern and Bowden, “but it’s just my feeling about the steroid era and all the players in it. I can’t tell who did and who didn’t so I just don’t feel I can vote for any of the players from that era.”

Gurnick took his explanation one step further.

“I won’t be voting probably for anybody anymore,” Gurnick said. “My plan is to abstain from voting in the future.”

As soon as Gurnick’s ballot became public there was immediate backlash. Was he surprised by the reaction?

I was not surprised at all, I’ve agonized over it for years because I knew this day was going to come when the “can’t-miss guys” were coming. But I’ve talked to quite a few people in and out of my field today and I just feel for the sake of the Hall of Fame, it would just be better if I didn’t vote. My vote is my vote … and I’m not trying to convince anybody else to vote my way. This is just my feeling about the steroid era. It doesn’t make me right, it’s just my honest belief.

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