If you’ve seen The Mindy Project or The Office, you pretty much want comedy goddess Mindy Kaling to be your best friend and/or spirit animal. Multiple Screen Actors Guild Awards, Emmy nominations, and making the movie No Strings Attached bearable are among just a few of her many glorious achievements. Kaling recently stopped by on the Morning Mash-Up to grace the airwaves with her presence. Office fans might be disappointed to know that romance is not (and likely never will be) in the air for her and co-star-turned-bestie BJ Novak; however, they’ll forgive her when they find out that she is just as starstruck by Seth Rogen as we are.

“[BJ Novak] is the funniest person I know. I learn the most from him, and I couldn’t go a week without seeing him… but you don’t necessarily want to marry a comedian or have that relationship with them,” Kaling explained. “By the way, I also don’t know what the f-ck I’m talking about.”

Perhaps Kaling will kindle some love with a co-star on The Mindy Project, which recently got picked up for a third season. As for choosing a dream actor to play one of Mindy’s love interests on camera, Kaling has got it covered.

“I love Idris Elba so much, and he was on The Office… He’s super funny… and of course, gorgeous,” Kaling said. “Danny McBride is someone I love [too].”

However, Kaling confesses that her This Is the End co-star Seth Rogen has truly got her heart – she herself has got his hoodie that he left on the set of The Mindy Project.

“Seth was the one [male star to appear on The Mindy Project] where I was the most shy around and the most that I personally kinda felt in love with – and I’m great friends with his wife. And I have no true feelings in that way, but he left a hoodie [on set] when he was rehearsing one day, and… I kept it,” Kaling joked. “I find him [to be] such a quintessential movie star.”

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