Remember this catch?

Mike Trout confirmed Thursday on Ripken Baseball with Cal Ripken Jr. and Billy Ripken that it was the best catch of his career.

“I just took off a little bit,” Trout said nonchalantly, “went up the fence, and caught it.”

Trout also explained how this has been a difficult season for a Los Angeles Angels team that, instead of cruising into the American League playoffs as was expected, will be watching the postseason from the sidelines.

“It’s frustrating. From a team standpoint, that’s not where we wanna be,” Trout said. “We’re playing good ball these last few months. It’s good for us to get some positives out of the year. Like I said, we’re just gonna finish strong and take the positives into spring training.”

Trout also spoke with the Ripken brothers about Josh Hamilton picking his game up at the end of the year, what he expects from Albert Pujols next season and how the Oakland Athletics have been so successful in 2013.

Ripken Baseball with Cal and Billy Ripken airs on MLB Network Radio, XM channel 89 and Sirius channel 209.

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