Mike Matheny upset Jon Lester accusations came from within organization

Prior to his St. Louis Cardinals’ Game 2 win over the Boston Red Sox in the World Series, manager Mike Matheny spoke with MLB Network Radio’s Casey Stern, Jim Bowden and Jim Duquette about the controversy over accusations that Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester was doctoring the ball in Game 1. Matheny took the opportunity to apologize that one of the accusers was a minor league player within the Cardinals organization.

“I think anything that comes out the mouths of our guys right now would sound like an excuse,” Matheny said. “And I’m going to tell you, the honest answer from our dugout, there wasn’t one time these guys came back and said, ‘Hey, it looks like something funky is going on with that ball.’ There was nothing that put us on the alert except the fact that he was making good pitches and we weren’t capitalizing when we had opportunities.”

“The one thing I do want to make a statement on, and I should have done it at the podium today, was make an apology because part of that came from within our organization and one of our minor league players,” he continued. “We take great lengths to try and educate our young players about social media and what we do with social media. Social media is an avenue and an opportunity and a conduit to really promote your team, promote your teammates, promote the organization, promote the game of baseball. It is not an opportunity to promote yourself and it certainly isn’t an opportunity to run down the opponent. And we’ve gone to great lengths and unfortunately that slipped through the cracks and we’re confident that we’re going to go to all lengths that that doesn’t happen again.”

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