Last week, ESPN reported that if the NFL releases a new drug policy, it would “significantly increase the threshold for a positive marijuana test and reduce the punishments for violations involving that drug.” The report followed news that Cleveland Browns star wide receiver Josh Gordon may face a season-long suspension due to a reported second violation of the league’s substance abuse program for marijuana.

SiriusXM NFL Radio host Pat Kirwan and Pro Football Hall of Famer Mike Ditka reacted to the potential change in the league’s policy last week.

“I’ve been strongly against it,” Kirwan said. “I think the league’s gotta stand up for something.”

“Pat, we live in a politically-correct society,” Ditka said. “It’s wrong. It always was wrong. It will be wrong. If that’s what it’s all about, a guy can get high, then you might as well have booze in the locker room, too. Let ’em get drunk. If you’re gonna do it that way, do it all. Have a bunch of guys out there that are high, if that’s what you want. And you think that’s the way you promote and sell your games to the public and to the young people in the country? I think you’re a fool.”

Do you agree with Kirwan and Ditka, that the NFL should uphold its current rules regarding the use of marijuana? Or do you think the NFL should lessen its penalties against those that use the drug? Tweet your thoughts to @SiriusXMNFL, and listen to SiriusXM NFL Radio, channel 88.

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