When Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz asked patrons not to carry firearms into Starbucks stores in states where it is otherwise legal to do so, the right criticized Schultz’s anti-gun stance and the left said his request is not enough. Or so you would think.

But SiriusXM Patriot host and constitutional conservative Mike Church doesn’t see it that way, in fact, he says business owners have every right to ban guns on their private property, or anything else for that matter.

“I don’t think determining what people can have in their pockets if they come on your private property is a liberal proposition. I view that as a purely free market proposition and furthermore, you’re supposing the right of the patron or the prospective patron to enter or do business into said business is superior to the right of the property owner… If you want the government to recognize the patron, well then the government ought to just come in and say ‘well we don’t like the price of Big Macs, lower them.’ So you have to recognize and support and uphold the right of the property owner.”

Listen to the clip below to hear his full stance on the Starbucks CEO’s move.

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