Michelle Phan’s Top 3 beauty tips (including the most common beauty mistake she sees women make!)

Leading Ladies with Michelle Phan and host, Lucky Magazine Editor Eva Chen, airs Wednesday 10/29 at 1 pm ET on SiriusXM Stars
Rebroadcasting Saturday 11/1 at 7 pm ET

Makeup maven and YouTube sensation Michelle Phan stopped by the SiriusXM studios for a Leading Ladies event with SiriusXM listeners and fans. But before she hit the airwaves, we got to sit down with her for some expert advice on how to up our game this fall, over the long term (ahem, aging!) and the number one beauty mistake she sees women make.

1. Fall Favorite: Emerald Eyes
“Metallic emerald is going to be a really big trend this fall. And if you’re not super into makeup, you can just pop a little emerald on the water line. I have one, but every make-up brand is going to have one.”

2. Top Secret: Red LED Light Therapy
“I use red LED light therapy once every three days at night. This helps stimulate collagen and plump up my skin. And it’s been scientifically proven to work! I’m a huge fan of it, especially when I’m traveling.”

3. Beauty Blunder: Un-Maintained Eyebrows
“The biggest mistake I find women make is they neglect their brows. It can really make or break your face. People who don’t have a lot of brows don’t fill them in and people who do, don’t trim them. I’m not a huge fan of plucking but definitely of trimming and giving them shape.”

In her interview on SiriusXM stars with host Eva Chen, Michelle answered some questions from a studio audience; here are a few teasers from the interview, and what you can expect to hear more of on Wednesday!

1. Michelle’s first makeup memory

2. Michelle’s YouTube vlogger tips


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