Michelle Beadle: Florida State fans are what’s wrong with sports

Michelle Beadle is no stranger to Florida State football trolls, taking one head-on at the end of 2014. A week later, there’s clearly no love lost between her and the Seminoles fan base.

“I’m glad they’re not here because if what I dealt with on Twitter is the norm, then I just really would not have been interested in being around this place or being around those fans because they are what’s wrong with sports in many ways,” Beadle said this week on SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio, when asked whether she was disappointed Florida State didn’t advance to the national championship game. “I realize there are some good Florida State fans, I’m sure – I just haven’t met any.”

Despite the absence of both Alabama and their SEC fan base, and the hoopla that surrounds Jameis Winston and Co., Beadle told Dan Levy that she’s geeked up for Monday’s game between Oregon and Ohio State.

“I actually like this match-up. This is why we wanted this playoff system, for this exact reason,” Beadle said. “We wanted to see what they’d do when we put them up against each other. And we saw, one pooped the bed, and one was a pretty decent game. And now, here we are with a two(-seed) and a four, and I’m actually kind of excited about it.”

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