Does everyone have a college career ahead of them? Michael Petrilli, Vice President of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, says no. He stopped by the Michael Smerconish Program on SiriusXM POTUS to explain why.

“There’s this big debate in the education reform movement that says if we’re gonna help people be successful … we have to get them through a two- or four-year degree program. And I worry that what that’s doing is sending a lot of kids into programs they’re not prepared for,” said Petrilli.

Petrilli thinks too many kids sent off to college today are not ready for the workload. Ultimately, frustrated students wind up dropping out.

“They drop out, they’ve now used up their grant from the government or they’ve taken out student loans … And so here they are – They have failed out of college, they have student loans … and they don’t have any technical skills they can get a decent paying job with,” Petrilli said.

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