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You may know her as the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, season six. But Bianca del Rio has been on the scene for nearly two decades. And that’s given her quite enough time to have an opinion on all the divas, thankyouverymuch.

In her special OutQ event, the drag queen extraordinaire and insult comic held no prisoners, except one, because The Material Girl 4 Eva.

On Mariah Carey:

“She’s good to watch, she’s kind of manic … but I am not fascinated or enamored by her. If I had any respect for her I definitely lost it when she married Nick Cannon.”

On Madonna:

“I’m an old fag like [Madonna] … I grew up with Madonna, I love Madonna … she was an original whore! She’s one of the few that I love.”

On Britney:

“I like the idea of her because it shows that someone with mediocre talent can make it big!”

On Sherri Shephard: 

“I thought I hated that other one … Elisabeth Hasselbeck … once she’s gone you realize oh she’s another asshole too … When you see someone stupid like that on TV you think, ‘Where is the line that you stand in to get that opportunity.’ Because she really doesn’t offer much.”

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