Matthew Hussey on having The Condom Talk with your partner: “Be an adult and not a primate.”

Taye Diggs, comedianne Ana Gasteyer and television personality/relationship expert Matthew Hussey visited SiriusXM Stars‘ Wake up with Taylor, where the troupe covered everything from subtly getting a guy’s attention to Gasteyer’s Thanksgiving mint julep recipe.

First, Matthew Hussey shared some love expertise, explaining that women can easily make the first move, while letting men think they’re making the first move. “Women have to make a move in a way that allows a guy to still feel like he’s doing the chasing,” Hussey said.

Take notes, ladies: according to Matthew Hussey, the “handkerchief approach” is the way to go. Historically, in order to get a man’s attention, a woman would walk past the object of her affection, drop her handkerchief and wait for him to pick it up and hand it back to her, thus seizing the perfect opportunity to start a conversation. Translated into the 21st century, Hussey says a women should play damsel in distress. According to Hussey, this approach “doesn’t feel like you’re hitting on him — it gives him a license to talk to you. [Playing] hard to get doesn’t work because all it means is a guy feels like you’re gonna say no.”

Later, Hussey moved on to his next topic: couples and condoms. According to Hussey, Trojan recently did a study that showed 50% of new couples stopped using condoms by month one (of dating), and 62% had stopped using condoms by month two. Meanwhile, 40% percent of that group said that they never even had a conversation about stopping the use of condoms. So, when should couples begin discussing the use of condoms? “When one person wants to stop, that’s when the conversation comes up. Until then, be an adult and not a primate,” says Hussey.

Meanwhile, Taye Diggs stopped by to defend his nonappearance at George Clooney’s wedding. “I couldn’t go, I couldn’t go. I had, ah, a, a root canal. I was so pissed, too.” (Yeah, Diggs, we believe you.)

Finally, Ana Gasteyer told Taylor about her secret mint julep recipe — or, as she calls them: “maple mint juleps.”  Apparently, the recipe came about when Ana was put in charge of perfecting mint juleps for a Thanksgiving dinner. And “perfecting” meant adding maple syrup (how autumnal). “With maple, it makes it not so bad,” Geyster said.

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