Everyone deserves a second chance, Matt Holliday told MLB Network Radio Thursday. But when it comes to PED users, it’s not black and white.

During an Inside Pitch throwback Thursday segment, a caller noted to Casey Stern and Jim Bowden that for the most part, fans and media seem to have forgotten about the most recent PED suspensions in baseball. Stern asked Holliday his feelings, and whether the St. Louis Cardinals outfielder has forgiven and forgotten those that tested positive.

“For me, I just can’t look at certain players the same as I did before, as far as the respect I have for what they’ve done in the game,” Holliday said. “So [can I] accept them as a person, and think that people deserve other opportunities and second chances? Sure. But can I look at what they’ve done, and […] respect what they’ve done? I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do that.”

When MLB players return from PED suspensions, are you able to give them a second chance? How do you view their pre-PED statistics against their post-PED statistics? And do you find yourself wondering if past users are still taking PEDs? Tweet your thoughts to @MLBNetworkRadio, and listen to MLB Network Radio, XM channel 89 and Sirius channel 209.

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