Mark Ronson talks Uptown Special, working with Bruno Mars on OutQ

The only downside to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ ultra-catchy single Uptown Funk is that you’ll likely have to stop yourself from performing dance breaks in public. Just try listening to this delightfully modern take on Motown without busting a move.

Since the song’s release, fans (or anyone with ears) have been eagerly anticipating the full album. Ronson’s Uptown Special hits earbuds today on the lucky thirteenth of January, and to say we are stoked would be an understatement.

Self-proclaimed music geek and OutQ host Larry Flick chatted with Ronson on The Morning Jolt about everything Uptown Special.

“Playing Uptown Funk is the proverbial bat signal,” Ronson joked. “Anytime it’s played, I’m right there.”

Ronson told Larry that despite Uptown Funk’s success, he does not often have that sixth sense when it comes to making hits.

“I’m not a very good teller of what’s a hit single … But I do know when I’m making something when it feels really good to us when we’re writing it in the room. That’s a great feeling, and I’ve only had that a number of times,” Ronson said.

“I’ve made plenty of records that I’m proud of, but there’s a couple of times where I’ve just been like ‘WHOA! What is going on right now in this room?'”

Ronson got his start DJing in clubs all over New York City. That authentic dance and R&B sound inspired Uptown Funk’s real-deal feel.

“I grew up in New York. I cut my teeth most of my youth DJing at clubs all around the city. And Bruno’s got a Puerto Rican grandma up in the Bronx. That’s the stuff we loved, and that’s the stuff we listened to. And I guess it just filters through. We weren’t trying to make a throwback or an homage,” Ronson said.

“That’s what happens when you play dance music or R&B live. It sounds like that I guess because no one else is really doing that …That’s my favorite music. That’s what I used to play when I DJed in clubs in New York all the time. So I guess that’s why it comes through.”

Bruno Mars isn’t the first superstar Ronson has collaborated with. Remember Amy Winehouse’s get-stuck-in-your-head good Valerie? Or Lily Allen’s Oh My God?

“I like people who have something to say and a lot of character in their voice and personality,” Ronson said. “Usually those people with those kind of voices usually happen to have massive personalities as well.”

And of course, Ronson gave Uptown Funk bud Bruno some major props.

“When I’m onstage with Bruno doing Uptown Funk, I’m very happy to sit to the left of the stage and just play my guitar because he’s one of the most charismatic frontmen of his generation,” Ronson said.

“Who the hell wants to see the lanky guitar player dude?”

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