Too many people think the NBA fixes its games. That’s an issue Mark Cuban hopes Adam Silver will fix as the league’s new commissioner, the Dallas Mavericks’ owner told Spike Lee.

“We’re the only major sport where people think that the games are fixed, and that always drove me nuts,” Cuban said on SiriusXM NBA Radio. “And to David [Stern], it was like, look, someone’s gotta win, someone’s gotta lose, he doesn’t care who it is, next. And it just drove me nuts that people would say our game is fixed.”

“Adam [Silver] is great,” Cuban continued. “Adam Silver realizes that there’s certain people who won’t watch NBA games because they think it is fixed, and that we’ve gotta get rid of that perception, and I think he’ll do a good job with it.”

Cuban said he wasn’t upset Stern retired, but did clarify that he “liked” the former commissioner.

“Only on referees,” Cuban said of what topics he and Stern clashed on. “Everything else, we pretty much agreed on. 90 percent of things.”

Spike, naturally, had to know how much Stern fined Cuban over his run as Dallas Mavericks owner. Cuban estimated the number at $2 million over 14 years.

“Business expense,” Cuban said flatly.

Cuban and Spike also talked about the Clippers ownership situation, hours before it was announced that Steve Ballmer placed a $2 billion winning bid on the team, and that Donald Sterling was ruled mentally incapacitated, and therefore unable to control the Clippers. Listen to Cuban’s thoughts on the Sterling situation before both news items came to light:

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