Grammy award winning superstar Mariah Carey stopped by SiriusXM last week to chat about her new music and tease a possible cameo in the Broadway musical remake of one her favorite movies, Mean Girls.

Out Q’s The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick was Carey’s first stop where she and Flick discussed collaborating with other artists, and her new single You’re Mine (Eternal), which Carey said she “wanted it to feel like a love song–but like a long lost love song.”

Later, Carey joined Entertainment Weekly Radio’s News & Notes to talk about her love for Tina Fey’s Mean Girls and whether or not we could expect to see her gracing the Broadway stage in a musical remake of the funny film.

“I mean, it would depend on the character they wanted me to play,” said Carey. “I heard she wanted me to be the cool mom, but Amy Poehler was incredible in that role so it would be hard to come after her. Of course I would want to be Regina George,” Carey joked.

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