Two NFL wide receivers made headlines for their extracurricular in-game activities during Week 8.

First, on Sunday, Dez Bryant drew attention for an outburst on the sideline late in his Dallas Cowboys’ 31-30 loss to the Detroit Lions. Then, Monday, Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate received flack for show-boating during an 80-yard touchdown reception – a move that drew a 15-yard taunting penalty in what was a close win over the St. Louis Rams.

Rather than analyze the actions of Bryant and Tate, though, John Madden, host of Mad Dog Sports Radio’s Madden Football, took aim at the response head coaches Jason Garrett and Pete Carroll made to their wide receivers’ shenanigans this weekend.

On Carroll:

“Did you see, right as [Tate] came off the field, Pete Carroll was there, and Pete Carroll talked to him,” Madden said. “And then Pete Carroll went down, and sat with him on the bench, and said, ‘We don’t do that here.’ If you’re gonna be a great player, that’s not the way you act. Golden Tate came on TV after the game and said it was a mistake. I hurt my team, I cost my team, it was a stupid thing I did, I’ll never do it again. To me, that’s the way to handle it.”

Madden wasn’t as complimentary toward Garrett.

“Don’t make excuses,” Madden advised the Cowboys’ head coach. “At some point, you have to coach. […] You have to get back to the game. You have to get focused on the game, and you can’t let something take you out of focus. And if it does, you can’t let it keep you out of focus for long.”

So who handled their wide receiver best?

“I like the Seattle approach a lot better,” Madden said.

Listen below to hear what else Madden took issue with following Bryant’s sideline tantrum, and what the NFL did wrong in its response to the situation.

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