The focus of the shows this week was Thursday’s MLB trade deadline. It was one of the busiest trade deadlines in years with several big names changing teams. One of the biggest moves of the day was the Red Sox trading pitcher Jon Lester and outfielder Jonny Gomes to the Oakland A’s for slugger Yoenis Cespedes. Mad Dog gave his thoughts on the trade.

I agree to some of what Doggie says here. Lester is a good acquisition for the A’s. I think most people agree with that, but for Chris to be hesitant because the A’s are going to be tight without Cespedes and say that their guys don’t have the ability to get big hits, I really think is inaccurate. First of all, losing Cespedes is not a big deal from GM Billy Beane’s perspective. He offsets losing Cespedes this year with Gomes and the numbers are closer than you think. Cespedes obviously has more power, but his on-base percentage is actually lower than Gomes, and we know how Beane loves OBP. Cespedes only has a year left on his contract and there is no way the A’s were going to keep him at the price he will demand. So they are giving up 1 year of Cespedes (and saving 11 million dollars) to go for broke this year. It’s a great move. And the one thing that Dog doesn’t give Jonny Gomes any credit for is that he finds a way to get big hits. He did it multiple times for the Red Sox; he’ll do it for Oakland. The Red Sox did a phenomenal job getting a big league talent for Jon Lester (and they may bring Lester back next year), but the A’s have put themselves in their best position for when October 1st hits since the ‘Bash Brother’ teams in the late ’80s.

The biggest trade of the day came minutes before the 4 pm ET deadline, when the Tampa Bay Rays traded David Price to the Detroit Tigers in a three-team trade. The Rays received minor leaguer Nick Franklin from the Mariners, Tigers pitcher Drew Smyly as well as top-rated prospect Willy Adames in exchange for Price. Shortly after the deal came down, Harold Reynolds sat down with Doggie in studio and they reacted to the blockbuster deal.

The opinion is shared by Doggie, Harold Reynolds, myself, and everyone else who follows even a little baseball: How is that all you can get for David Price? The Red Sox got more for John Lackey (Allen Craig & Joe Kelly) and Jon Lester (Cespedes) then the Rays got for David Price. The big difference is Lackey and Lester are free agents at the end of the year, Price is under control for all of 2015, and Price is the best pitcher of the three! I understand that Drew Smyly is under their control for several years, but they must think Willy Adames is going to be Ernie Banks. If the best offer on the table was Smyly, Franklin and Adames, the Rays needed to take a step back, decline the trade and tell Detroit to talk to us again in December at the Winter Meetings. There was no reason for the Rays to rush into this trade, none.

Our baseball conversation didn’t end there. Our own Steve Phillips joined Mad Dog later in the show after the dust had settled. Phillips has experienced the trade deadline first hand on many occasion when he was the Mets General Manager and he joined Russo to discuss his thoughts on this year’s deals.

I agree with most of Steve’s analysis on baseball, and I agreed with most of what he said about Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik, but I don’t understand why Steve defended him at the end. I know they have a friendship, but if Jack is proposing offers to other GMs and when they accept them he isn’t moving forward with them, that goes against being a “man of your word.” This isn’t fantasy baseball where you can propose a trade and they click accept or reject, proposing trades via phone is how GMs have to work, if Zduriencik is changing his mind after proposing offers, then other general managers have every right to be annoyed with him, and if he turns off GMs and they will no longer work with him, he isn’t going to have a job for very long.

Seattle’s Finest

Bravo, Seahawks. Last week, Marshawn Lynch announced that he was holding out from Seahawks training camp to seek a new deal. Lynch still had two years remaining on his contract and was looking for a longer, more lucrative offer. I understand that NFL players have to strike when the iron is hot and this is fair practice when NFL contracts aren’t guaranteed and players can be cut at the drop of a hat. This certainly isn’t the first time a player was holding out and it won’t be the last. So while I don’t blame Lynch for holding out, I applaud the Seahawks for their stance; they refused to even consider negotiating with Lynch’s camp. They didn’t budge. They know that 95% of running backs are basically washed up by the time they are 30 (Lynch is 28). They knew they had an up and coming running back in Christine Michael (Lynch obviously knows these two points as well). Paying Lynch any extra money at this point would be a terrible move for the organization. You rarely see an organization stand up to a star like Seattle did to Lynch, but they dug in their heels, and on Thursday, Marshawn Lynch reporting to training camp. Bravo, Seahawks.

Stream of Consciousness

Less than five weeks from Seahawks- Packers, and I can’t wait… Fake twitter accounts were all the rage during the MLB trade deadline frenzy, just ask ESPN… and MLB Network… and Jim Bowden… Why is LeBron going back to 23 a news story?… Austin Jackson being traded mid-game is a fascinating watch… Ray Rice said all the right things, he just said them WAY too late… Several teams are glad they didn’t trade for Cliff Lee… Is anyone paying attention to Team USA basketball right now?… Joel Embiid on twitter is tremendous… The David Wilson story is sad… Fox Tampa’s twitter response to the David Price trade was a little harsh, but still pretty funny… Keshawn Johnson has too much money… Vin Scully coming back for a 66th year, tip of the cap, Vin…

Tweet of the Week

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That about sums it up.

Manny being Manny

I usually leave this space for a funny video, but this is the best throw I’ve seen all year. Manny Machado is Brooks Robinson. Amazing.

Mad Dog Underground

In Episode 8, Babchik and Billy Z discuss the huge rumors surrounding Mad Dog Sports Radio, what’s its like being in a pre-show meeting with Doggie, and how Russo has “a guy” for everything.

Next week on MDU

We’ve reached August, which means we are only 1 month from NFL regular season games (pause for applause). We’ll start taking a closer look at the NFL, continue the discussion of all these MLB trades as pitchers make their debuts for their new teams (Price pitches at Yankee Stadium to start his Tigers career), and the PGA Championship gets underway, we’ll preview with Frank Nobilo and keep you up to speed.


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