Lorraine Bracco’s ‘body is bangin’!’ according to Larry Flick

With roles in The Sopranos and GoodFellas under her belt, you best believe Lorraine Bracco gets sh-t done.

After losing her parents within nine days of one another, Bracco got her wake-up call to truly commit to taking care of her own health, and according to The Morning Jolt’s Larry Flick, it’s totally paying off.

“You’re teeny-weeny. Excuse you!…I just wanna pinch your cheeks!” Flick said.

“Well, pinch away, baby!” Bracco said.

Bracco encourages other women to participate in what she refers to as the “Clean Up Your Act Program” in her new book To The Fullest (although the title Dear God, I Want To Be F-ckable at 70 was also a contender). Bracco’s book promotes clean eating and other key habits for living a healthy, lustrous life.

“Watching people suffer wakes you up,” Bracco said. “I’m going to take this body and this soul and this mind, and I’m going to grab it for everything that I can!”

“And the body is bangin’,” Larry said. “A queen will tell you the truth.”

“Thank God!” Bracco said.

Listen to the full interview for Bracco’s healthy eating go-to’s (quinoa with olive oil, celtic salt, pepper, and garlic) and more delightful madness that is the Lorraine-Larry lovefest. (Also, her laugh is perfect.)

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