The Philadelphia Eagles fined Riley Cooper after a video surfaced of their wide receiver yelling a racial slur at security during a Kenny Chesney concert, but many football players and fans don’t think the punishment was enough.

Philadelphia-based ESPN reporter Sal Paolantonio talked to Michael Smerconish on POTUS Politics about the controversy and his experience covering the Eagles.

Paolantonio said that the Eagles decided how to handle Cooper’s altercation too quickly and made a mistake by not consulting his teammates.

“The locker room is a laboratory for social experiment on many, many levels. You really have to take it into account—because you have 70 percent of your locker room black—how these folks feel,” Paolantonio said. “Their attitude toward Riley Cooper has changed. They forgive him as a teammate… but beyond forgiving him as a teammate, are they ready to respect him again as a friend or someone they are willing to go play football with on Sunday?”

After receiving the fine, Cooper took a four-day leave of absence from the team to undergo racial sensitivity training—an unprecedented step in the NFL’s 93-year history. But the wide receiver was not suspended for his actions, and Paolantonio said Cooper’s fellow Eagles will determine if and when he is forgiven.

“I’ve been around this team for 20 years, and I’ve never seen a more somber mood than the one I saw on the day Riley Cooper was allowed to go back on the practice field,” Paolantonio said. “The way to heal is to play football.”

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