Last week, rumor was that Tim Tebow’s NFL career was possibly over. Tuesday, he signed a contract with the New England Patriots. So what on earth does Patriots head coach Bill Belichick have in store for the Jets castaway?

A little bit of this and a little bit of that, predicts Hall of Fame quarterback and current CBS analyst Phil Simms.

Speaking with Adam Schein on SiriusXM’s Schein on Sports,Tuesday afternoon, Simms said Tebow’s skill set meshes well with the role player-friendly New England offense.

“Who is bigger into role players on a football team than the Patriots?,” Simms said. “I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot going on there, and it’ll continue to develop and add on to.”

Simms did add, though, that forecasting a seamless transition for Tebow from quarterback to another position would be a mistake.

“I [saw] Herm Edwards on TV this morning, he made some really good points talking on ESPN about Tebow,” Simms said. “‘[Tebow] can’t tackle, he’s not a linebacker and he’s not a tight end,’ and [Edwards] went through the whole thing, and i just go, ‘He’s right.’ People think that you can just play these positions in the NFL. There are guys who have trained their whole life who are great athletes who have tried to make those spots. To think a quarterback is going to move and play another position? Really hard to do. Not impossible, but pretty close to that.”

Schein then asked Simms what specific niche Tebow might find in Tom Brady’s offense.

“Let’s always remember who the quarterback is in New England,” Simms said. “[The Patriots have] one of the great third-down situational offenses that I’ve ever seen [. . .] How do you add Tim Tebow and not disrupt that rhythm, and really truly, that greatness? Because that’s what it is.

“I would say he’ll be carrying the ball a bit, we’ll probably see an occasional pass and I would just think in some other roles where he can get the ball.”

You can listen to Simms’ full thoughts below, and listen to Schein on Sports at 10 am ET each day on Mad Dog Radio, Sirius channel 86.

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