As the government shutdown trudges on, Democrats continue to stand behind Obamacare, refusing to back down to House Republicans. SiriusXM Progress host Mark Thompson spoke with a few of them.

Valerie Jarrett, Senior Adviser to the president says registration for the Affordable Care Act is already going extremely well, despite the GOP’s stance. “The government shut down and what’s still working? The Affordable Care Act. And it’s moving full speed away.”

Rep. Mark Pocan, (D-WI) also called in last night, right before a vote which he called, “the newest Republican incarnation of a way to pretend like they’re doing something, and actually keep us in a shut down.”

Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) confirmed the most recent government plan to fund certain government agencies bit by bit, which could leave Obamacareout. “They know that once people sign up for more affordable health care and see how it works, they’re never gonna give it up,” she said.

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