In this week’s Liquid Metal Devil’s Dozen, Skeletonwitch slips back to number three, making way for Behemoth to take the top spot with their demonic track Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer. In second place is Iced Earth with Democide, followed by the dethroned Skeletonwitch with I Am Of Death (Hell Has Arrived).

12. Death Angel – “Fallen”
11. Deicide – “In The Minds Of Evil”
10. Impending Doom – “Death Will Reign”
9. Throwdown – “Born And Buried Alone”
8. Deafheaven – “Dream House”
7. Periphery – “Feed The Ground”
6. Carcass – “Master Butcher’s Apron”
5. Haunted – “Eye Of The Storm”
4. Suicide Silence/Phil Bozeman – “Unanswered [LIVE]”
3. Skeletonwitch – “I Am Of Death (Hell Has Arrived)”
2. Iced Earth – “Democide”
1. Behemoth – “Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer”

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