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The mid-term elections are here, and many of your fellow Americans are out rocking the vote. But what about the others, the majority, who are not rocking anything except maybe some sweet new socks. Lewis Black’s Nobody Cares About The Midterm Election Special addresses the important issue of nobody cares, during which he will be ranting and raving about all the political nonsense that pisses him off. He’ll also be presenting his favorite politically inclined comedians.

Black  starts off discussing why we the people should care to vote. “Why? Because like millions and God knows countless number of people died so that you would have the right to vote. And since we’re a democracy and apparently we’re telling the rest of the people in the world that really the most important thing is to have a government that’s free and you should be allowed to vote for the people that are your leaders, you might wanna participate,”  Black said.

He then goes off talking about the upside of voting. “You know when you vote, a lot of the times you will be making no difference at all. Stop seeing that as a downside, the upside of it is truly spectacular because every day that follows, when you leave that voting booth you can feel as miserable as you can possibly feel, but every day that follows, you’re never gonna feel that again, no matter how shitty a day you have, you can always at the end of it day, ‘at least I didn’t have to vote today,’ Black said.

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