Leona Lewis chats with Out Q’s Larry Flick about new music, life since X Factor UK & more

X Factor UK winner and celebrated songstress Leona Lewis stopped by the SiriusXM studios for a chat with OUT Q‘s Larry Flick (the first person to play any of Lewis’s music in the United States). She talked about her new music, leaving her old label and life since winning X Factor UK. She also shared her two new singles — Fire Under My Feet and Thunder — off her upcoming album I Am, which is due out in September.

Speaking about one of the first songs she wrote for the record, Fire Under My Feet, she said she “wanted to write it to kind of give me that energy, and that push and that drive that I had inside me that I feel like and been damped a bit.”

She explained: “My vision was like no shoes on, like sweating, hot, just crazy, kind of getting it all out. We kind of stripped everything back, went really bluesy with it.”

She went on to call her latest single, Thunder, her “most meaningful” song.

“Thunder is so special to me, and that’s why it was important to have this record out, because although Fire was that kind of that, ‘Okay, I’m starting again. I’m getting that energy back,’ Thunder for me was the song that was the most meaningful because it’s really about going through something and learning about yourself through it and learning about your inner strength and learning about how much you can take as a person and still succeed and still do well and fulfill everything you need to fulfill.”

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