Lenore Skenazy and Jenny Hutt talk about ‘free-range parenting’

You’ve probably heard the debate about “free-range parenting,” especially since two children were picked up by police as they walked home alone in Maryland. Mom (and SiriusXM Stars host!) Jenny Hutt took a dive into the issue with Lenore Skenazy, fellow mom and creator of Free-Range Kids.

You may know Skenazy as the parent who let her nine-year-old son ride the subway solo (and then was labeled “world’s worst mom”). But she says that she isn’t speaking out to tell parents to do the same. Instead, she says, “the point of Free-Range Kids is that we’re fighting the belief that our kids are in constant danger. Once you start questioning that idea, then you might feel more free to let your kids walk outside or go outside without a cell phone.”

“Unless you’re beating or starving or pimping out your child, how you raise your kids is up to you,” Skenazy says.

Check out the interesting conversation from Just Jenny below:

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