Lena Dunham on changing the world, staying grounded through meditation

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Bob Roth is the the Executive Director of the David Lynch Foundation, where he has helped direct the introduction of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) program to over 500,000 at-risk students in 130 public and charter schools in the United States, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.  Each month, Bob talks to people in Hollywood and professionals who use TM as a benefit for their health and careers. This week, to kick off his new monthly show, Bob talks with the star of the hit show Girls, Lena Dunham.

While many people might think of meditation as a rich person’s hobby, because “who has 20 minutes twice a day to calm themselves,” Dunham was shocked to find that it is an incredibly powerful and simple tool that can be used to improve the quality of life for anyone from veterans and abused women, to others in at-risk communities. “Meditation can be a gift you gave to other people and it has power outside personal fulfillment and potential to change the world,” Dunham said.

Another thing that has struck her is how the superficial benefits of meditation, i.e. focus, productivity, are what initially may draw some people to meditation, but it’s the other benefits, kindness, generosity, etc. that have the most profound effect. “I get the opportunity to be around very intense, very ambitious people… when I mention meditation, people’s eyes light up because people are looking for some kind of superhuman productivity and power. So the thing that attracts them to meditation is their baser instincts but once they do it they find these other things coming to light,” Dunham said.

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