On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby that under Obamacare, for-profit employers with religious objections can opt out of providing contraception coverage to their employees. SiriusXM ProgressPatriot, and POTUS Politics provided plenty of coverage prior to and after the Supreme Court’s ruling.

Lori Windham, Senior Counsel at The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty and one of the attorneys for Hobby Lobby spoke with SiriusXM Progress Host Ari Rabin-Havt prior to the Supreme Court’s ruling yesterday.

“The Green family has long excluded abortions and abortion-causing drugs from the plan. At one point, a couple of the drugs had been added in due to an oversight. As soon as that was discovered, they were taken back out. Nobody has challenged the sincerity of the Green’s beliefs. They have a long standing belief in being pro-life, in not participating in any way in the taking of a human life, and we believe that the Supreme Court will recognize that, no matter what it does today.”

Samantha Gordon, Director of Public Affairs at NARAL Pro-Choice America, also joined Rabin-Havt from the Supreme Court prior to the Hobby Lobby decision.

“[Hobby Lobby] is not basing this on sound science, they’re basing it on their ideological opinion, which is completely unfair. We know that birth control prevents unintended pregnancies. If you’re against abortion, you should be for birth control. But they’re not. They’re about inserting their own personal views on their workers, and it’s completely unfair … The big CEOs of Hobby Lobby can afford whatever they want, but their workers, they deserve this benefit. And we hope that the Supreme Court will support it as well.”

Amber, A NARAL protester, joined Rabin-Havt to share her thoughts on the contraception case.

“I’m out here because I think birth control is an important part of health care and I don’t think anyone else should be deciding how I use my health care benefits.”

Rabin-Havt also spoke to another protester, dressed as the Holy Bible, who discusses his concerns of a ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby.

“I think [Hobby Lobby] wants to impose their views of [the Bible] on other people. But [The Bible] is for everyone to drink their own inspiration from.”

Activist and Political Strategist Joe Sudbay sat in for SiriusXM Progress Host Michelangelo Signorile and spoke with ThinkProgress‘s Igor Volsky, who explains exactly what the Hobby Lobby decision means for health care.

“[The decision] means very different things for a lot of different people. For the most part, if you’re a woman who’s currently receiving contraception coverage through your employer, if that’s how you get your health care coverage, or through the new exchanges, nothing really changes for you … The question is, what about the women who work for Hobby Lobby, for the seventy or so companies who filed amicus briefs in support of Hobby Lobby, what will happen to that coverage? … And the answer is, [women are] gonna have to turn to the Obama Administration and to HHS.”

Senator Mike Lee of Utah discusses the Supreme Court’s rulings with SiriusXM Patriot Host Andrew Wilkow and explains the sudden change in Judge John Roberts from his conservative roots to a more liberal stances.

“I don’t know, I can’t purport to know what motivated [Judge John Roberts]. What I do know is that this is inconsistent with the pattern that he has established as a jurist, as a good, skilled, objective, honest jurist. This was an aberration and this was a tragic aberration, one that I still struggle to understand because it was wrong. Make no mistake, he rewrote Obamacare. Not just once, but twice, in order to save it.”

SiriusXM POTUS Politics Host Michael Smerconish talks to former Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz about the Supreme Court ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby.

“It’s a close case and a complicated case, but I think history will probably vindicate this decision and conclude that the religious beliefs were strongly held, were genuine, and the need for the family to provide this kind of abortion care can be satisfied in other ways. I doubt we’ll see anybody not getting birth control, who wanted it, as a result of this decision. I don’t think it will have any major practical effects on the ability of people to get birth control. I think it will have a major effect on the ability of religious people to follow their religious traditions without compromise.”

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