Friday was a huge day of sports talk as LeBron James announced via Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated that he was indeed returning to Cleveland. It was a long week of waiting and Chris Russo thinks in the end, LeBron made the right decision.

I agree with Dog. This was the right move for LeBron. The way this played out all week with the waiting was frustrating, but history will soon forget the delay. History will remember him returning to the Cavs for his unfinished business.

LeBron did this much better. He released the story to Sports Illustrated, he didn’t hold a ridiculous TV special, he isn’t going to have a cocky pep rally. LeBron has matured a lot in four years.

I would expect Kevin Love will be in Cleveland sooner rather than later (most likely via a deal centered around Andrew Wiggins).

The Cavs will be the Eastern Conference favorites in Vegas. The only way that changes if Carmelo Anthony signs with the Bulls, but I don’t expect that to happen. I am confident that LeBron will bring one or two NBA titles to Cleveland with this supporting cast – maybe not next year, but soon. Cleveland hasn’t had a championship in its city for 50 years, and when he brings a title back to Cleveland, his legacy will be cemented.

LeBron wasn’t the only news this week. Earlier this week, a photo surfaced of Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel rolling a $20 bill in a nightclub bathroom. You can see the photo here. One of our MDSR shows, The Wrap, posted the video to the @MadDogRadio Twitter feed. When Doggie found out about this, he challenged program director Steve Torre, and things got very heated.

I understand some of the points that Doggie makes here, but I definitely side with Steve. There is nothing wrong with posting that photo on anything Mad Dog Sports Radio-related. That photo became news; how the photo was originally taken bothers Doggie, and sure, it’s worth questioning how many things appear on social media because everyone has a camera, but this is the world we live in. Things have greatly changed from the days of Mickey Mantle drinking and carousing and nobody reporting it. Johnny Manziel has a reputation of partying, a reputation he clearly loves, and whether he was doing something or not with that rolled dollar bill is worthy of sports talk radio discussion. If you are going to discuss it on the air, then referencing on the Twitter feed is more than acceptable.

The NBA has been the dominating story of the week with NBA free agency in full gear. Russo had a good chat with new Nets’ coach Lionel Hollins about his new position with Brooklyn.

The Jason Kidd fiasco really worked out well for the Nets. Lionel Hollins is an excellent coach, he did great things in Memphis and should never have been let go in the first place. After a year off to recharge his battery, the Nets upgraded their coaching position from Kidd to Hollins, and got two second round picks out of the deal. Well done, Billy King.

Last weekend, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic had a classic five-set match at Wimbledon, ending in Djokovic’s second Wimbledon title. ESPN tennis analyst Patrick McEnroe discussed the match and what’s left in Federer’s tank.

Roger’s comeback in the fourth set of the Final was great. It felt like a Rocky Balboa-type comeback, facing championship point twice and battling back from down 5-2 to win five straight games and the set. It seemed that everything was pointing towad a Wimbledon title for Fed, and it was great sports theater, even though most didn’t watch it. At some point, Federer isn’t going to be able to compete like this, but I think Federer is so good at this age that he will definitely finish his career with a storybook-type run that ends in another Grand Slam title at Wimbledon or the U.S. Open.

Steam of consciousness (NBA free agency edition)

Diddy – Dirty Money – I’m Coming Home with Skylar Grey … Now we’ll see how good Pat Riley is … If ‘Melo goes anywhere but Chicago at this point, it’s a mistake … It is bothersome that Kevin Love wanted nothing to do with Cleveland pre-LeBron, and now Cleveland rocks. But it is a business … Chris Bosh will get more credit for the player he is if he winds up in Houston … If the Rockets don’t match Chandler Parsons, he will be a huge asset to the Mavericks … If Flip Saunders takes Dion Waiters and Anthony Bennett for Kevin Love, I’ll eat my own shirt … This weekend will be an absolute frenzy as free agency dominoes fall … I’m curious to see the type of offer Trevor Ariza receives …  If the Heat cupboard is empty, it will be interesting to see how much longer Dwyane Wade plays on a lousy team before he retires.

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These tweets all to seem to have a common theme about Mad Dog’s volume…

Video of the Week

This is from a couple months ago, but its noteworthy becomes this fan is suing ESPN for $10 million in damages for defamation. God bless, America.

Mad Dog Underground

We are on hiatus this week, but let’s revisit one from the archives. With all the LeBron news, check out why Dog once turned down an interview with the NBA King.

Next Week on MDU

Next week we will start off with a bang. Dog will be broadcasting from the MLB All-Star game on Monday and Tuesday, both at a special time of 5 pm ET. Interviews scheduled thus far: Bud Selig, John Farrell, Mike Matheny, Joe Torre, Joe Buck, Harold Reynolds and Tom Verducci. It’ll be a great couple days of sports talk. Plus, you know we’ll be all over all the latest NBA free agency discussions.

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