Lauren Graham on Parenthood finale: ‘It’s been a gratifying journey’

Get ready to cry: Parenthood ends Thursday night.

Lauren Graham talked about the impending finale — and the disappointing end to her other hit show, Gilmore Girls — last week on The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick.

“What I look for in entertainment is that I connect and care … There are so few of a Parenthood type of show,” Graham said. “You start to identify with this person and the decisions they’re making. By the end, there’s a gratifying journey … I just have so much love for these characters,” Graham said.

“Y’all cried a lot on Parenthood,” Flick noted.

“It became a drinking game, apparently,” Graham joked.

And the finale preview promises more tears.

Graham says she didn’t get that big goodbye moment with Gilmore Girls.

“We shot a final episode that could work as the series finale … It was very unsatisfying and sort of odd,” Graham said. “I got a call at a restaurant cause I’d turned my cell phone off, and my agent wanted me to hear it from him. And so, the waiter came over and was like, ‘There’s a phone call for you.’ I thought I was in like a ’40s movie. And I was like, ‘Hello?’ He’s like, ‘Your agent’s on the phone.’ And he said, ‘It’s over.’ And that was it … Having a goodbye is preferable to not having one.”

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