Prior to Game 1 of the World Series, Chris Russo sat down for an interview with Red Sox President and CEO Larry Lucchino at Fenway Park on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio.

In discussing the team’s remarkable turnaround from last year to this year, Russo brought up former manager Bobby Valentine. Earlier this week, Valentine told the Boston Globe, “I’d like to think that if I came back for my second year that, given the changes and improvements, I would have been able to do the same thing.”

Russo asked Lucchino about Bobby V. and last year’s struggles:

“I think he gets too much abuse for [last year],” Russo said. “I’ve known him forever and I know he can rankle the personalities and everything else. I thought that was an ingenious pick and I turned out to be wrong. How about the Valentine year last year? I know you were involved in that…”

“I was, absolutely,” Lucchino replied. “I think we’ve beaten that dog so many times. It’s unfair to Bobby, to be sure. There were a lot of things that went south last year and, certainly, the personality of the team as it came together was not what we wanted ideally. The injuries that struck the team were so numerous and so severe. And we had come off a terrible, terrible September the year before that. It was like 13 months of baseball hell.

“So you certainly can’t blame it on any one person or any one factor the same way you can’t credit the success of the team this year to any one person or any one factor,” Lucchino continued. “It was a combination effort that congealed, came together so well, and a lot of good health and a lot of good fortune. This is a very random and unpredictable game. … So sometimes it comes together for you and sometimes it doesn’t.”

Listen to Russo weekdays at 3 pm ET on SiriusXM Mad Dog Sports Radio, channel 86.

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