Lance Bass gabs about ‘NSYNC reunion: Bickering, vomiting and a big ‘ol love fest

From trying to pull one over on his fans about the reunion, and preparing the seriously difficult dance moves; to a fight with ‘NSYNC bandmate Kris Kirkpatrick backstage before the show, and almost vomiting onstage DURING it, Lance Bass says the MTV VMAs were crazy… in the best way possible.

“I had so much fun playing April Fool’s last week, which was the worst April Fools ever,” Lance said in the opening of Dirty Pop with Lance Bass on OutQ. “Such a fun time. We did our little reunion. It’s been 11 years since we performed together and I’m still giddy.”

It wasn’t easy with such difficult dance moves, Lance said. In preparation, he was practicing nonstop – everywhere and anytime for the peanut gallery, even trying to teach the moves to his boyfriend.

When they got to the Barclay’s Center, Lance says the drama just got ramped up by a little “sibling” bickering backstage with former ‘NSYNCer Kris Kirkpatrick. Not to mention feeling like he was going to vomit onstage.

But it all went off without a hitch, and Lance couldn’t stop gushing about it. Especially once he saw the video of Justin Timberlake’s whole show.

“I didn’t get to see Justin’s performance until this morning when we got in from the show. I didn’t realize how frickin’ good it was. It was the performance of his life,” Lance said.

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