Lance Bass came out of the closet to Britney to cheer her up after 2004 Vegas wedding

Remember back when Britney Spears married that random guy from her hometown in a quickie Vegas wedding? Who could forget! It’s on the highlight reel from the aughts.

Well, it also happened to be a very special moment for her ‘N Sync buddy at the time, Lance Bass … but not because he was just so thrilled for the happy couple.

Bass told Entertainment Weekly’s Tim Stack and Tanner Stransky on EW Radio‘s Bullseye that he came out of the closet to Britney to console her/distract her after she started freaking out over her epic mistake.

“Britney was one of the first I told [that I am gay],” Bass said. “It was the night of her first wedding … the 24-hour wedding. It was a dramatic night … It dawned on her like, ‘What the hell did I do?’ So she started really crying and it started settling in that this was all happening and the only way I could think to make her stop crying was to reveal that I was gay to her. And it worked. It was a good distraction. She was very happy. She loves the gays.”

Lance is currently promoting his new Showtime documentary Kidnapped for Christ,  which premieres on Showtime July 10th at 7:30 pm ET.

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