In true Lady Gaga fashion, her newest album ARTPOP has proven to be both a perfect specimen of pop music as well as a commentary on pop music itself, and that’s exactly what she intended.

“Fame for me was always about theater, and it had nothing to do with money or attention. I would say that this song, Applause, is a very big statement about what I think about fame now,” Gaga told OutQ host Larry Flick. “I feel that that there’s a lack of applause. There’s a lack of elegance and sophistication in the way that the audience and the public treats the artist and the performer.”

Watch a segment of their interview below, and if you want to hear the whole conversation, listen to SiriusXM On Demand, where we will also be featuring her Town Hall on SiriusXM Hits 1 as well as her ARTPOP album track-by-track airing next week.

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