Kurt Angle, the TNA superstar set to participate in one of the headline matches at Bound for Glory this weekend, told Busted Open Radio Wednesday that if he ran the promotion, he’d absolutely re-sign legendary free agent Hulk Hogan.

“A lot of people would say, ‘No,’ but look at what this guys has done for business. Any time he goes out, he gets the loudest cheer, doesn’t matter if he’s wrestling or not,” Angle said. “Getting to know him and seeing what he’s done for business, I’d say heck yeah, you wanna sign that guy.”

Busted Open co-hosts Doug Mortman and Dave LaGreca also asked Angle what he’d change about TNA if he were in charge.

“I think they’ve been improving a lot on it, but I would have a more organized way of doing things,” Angle said. “I would have a lot more rehearsal. I would have the talent come out to the ring every hour of the day, and just rehearse and go over. Just ram it down their throats so they have it right when they go to the show that night. We have been doing that. Have we done it enough? Yes and no. And it’s not by any means, a WCW, but you don’t want it to become where the talent just says what they want to say, and the story doesn’t really go anywhere because of that.

“I want it to become more organized like Vince McMahon has run his show,” Angle continued. “That’s how I was brought in, and for seven years, that’s how I was taught. And I believe TNA is going in that direction.”

As for the wrestlers on the roster Angle feels deserve a push:

I really like Magnus right now. I love his promo skills, his wrestling has gotten a lot better. I would really love to re-push [Samoa] Joe. He is a cornerstone of the company, and sometimes I feel like we’re not utilizing him right. That guy can carry the company; he can carry any company. AJ [Styles] has done a tremendous job, but when you look at the young talent, there are a lot out there that have the ability. Right now, stepping up, it’s hard.

Angle’s appearance at Bound for Glory, the pay-per-view event airing live on Oct. 20 from the Viejas Arena in San Diego, Calif., follows a stint in rehab. Angle will take on Booby Roode in the event, one day after his induction into the TNA Hall of Fame. Angle spoke about his time in the WWE rehab facilities with Busted Open.

“The WWE rehab program has been amazing. They did a lot for me, and they continue to. I work with them still, and they’re amazing with what they do,” Angle said. “We have a weekly chat, every Wednesday night at 7 pm. And it’s really beneficial for everybody.

Angle, who credited God for his recovery several times in the interview, also spoke about one of the major takeaways from rehab:

“Realizing my whole life, it’s been revolved around me,” Angle said. “You know, high expectations around myself, never really enjoying what I’ve done. What I’ve accomplished. Whether it be in the Olympics or in pro wrestling, I’ve never really been satisfied. And it led to a lot of depression and turmoil.”

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