Kevin Hart’s recent appearance on Shade 45’s Sway in the Morning was an all-time great.

Hart, who was promoting the hugely successful Ride Along and his upcoming film, About Last Night (in theaters Feb. 14), talked about Will Ferrell, Lorne Michaels, Kanye West, and even freestyled for Sway, Heather B and Tracy G.

He opened his appearance as you might expect: with a recreation of Kanye’s outburst from last year.

“You don’t have the answers, Sway!,” Hart said.

Later, Hart explained his favorite part of the infamous interview.

“It was Sway’s face,” Hart said. “He took a second and was like, ‘What? What are you talking about?’ He didn’t know what to come back [with] because it was so fast. It got angry so fast. I’ve never seen anybody go 0-to-100 faster in my g–damn life.”

After Sway asked Hart to adopt him, Hart explained his ridiculous work ethic.

“I understand sometimes it’s best to gamble on yourself,” Hart said, “when you know that you can win.”

Hart later revealed to Sway that he’s going to begin filming his movie with Ferrell starting in March, explained what it was like filming his first sex scene in About Last Night, and then recalled meeting Michaels, the mastermind behind Saturday Night Live, before hosting the show.

“I just laughed,” he explained when Sway asked if Hart’s failed SNL cast audition came up in the meeting. “I said, ‘Lorne, you remember when I tried out for the show?’ He said, ‘Yeah, you were bad.’ I said I was. I gave an awful audition. I was 23. My characters were horrible.”

To close out the laugh-out-loud appearance, Hart, AKA Droppa, offered this up to Sway:

“You give me a nasty beat, I might give you 130 bars, right now.”

Sway obliged, and Droppa delivered, eventually going on to explain how he was brought up by pit bulls.

The full, uncensored interview:

And watch the trailer for Hart’s upcoming movie, About Last Night, out on Valentine’s Day.

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