Ken Shamrock wasn’t pulling any punches Monday on Busted Open Radio when talking about what he felt is hurting the WWE product: Triple H.

A UFC Hall of Famer and former WWE Intercontinental Champion, Shamrock suggested Triple H’s personality is resulting in a run of weak shows for the pro wrestling promotion.

You got a guy who has a huge ego in Triple H. Who where the spotlight has to be on him. And that’s why the shows aren’t going as well, because he doesn’t see past himself. […] How can you not have every show action-packed? How can you not have the leading up to a big show, with all the people you have at your disposal, and not be able to put on a good show? If there was a competition out there with another organization, I promise you that you wouldn’t have these weak-ass shows like you’re having, because that would mean you lost the ratings that week.

Shamrock added that if the WWE did have a more formidable opposing promotion, the company’s chairman, Vince McMahon, would get more involved in the day-to-day product.

Knowing Vince McMahon, he hates to lose. He hates for anybody to get over on him, and he would be working day and night to make show every one of those shows was a knockout, a home run. […] Because there’s no competition, because there’s no one pushing them, Vince is laying back a little bit, and he’s allowing someone to come in who, in my opinion, has too big an ego to run a show like that.

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