Katy Perry teases unannounced Halftime Show guest: ‘She brings the effortless cool factor’

The Patriots and Seahawks will not be the only ones wearing game faces on Superbowl Sunday. Katy Perry is gearing up for the performance of a lifetime – and we couldn’t be more excited for her to light up the stadium like the firework performer that she is. The Morning Mash Up got an exclusive sit-down with the I Kissed A Girl singer before she lights up the night on the big day.

Perry revealed she did in fact receive a few comp tickets to the big game – but not enough to cover all of her loved ones.

“I did get a few comps, but I did pay for a couple as well actually. I went over my limit ’cause I was so excited,” Perry said. “I have the most incredible group of friends and family. They will be there in the stadium supporting me and cheering me on.”

Perry is a loud and proud hit-maker, so we know the set list is going to get us pumped up for the second half. But of course, there are a few songs she wishes she had the time to include.

“I would have liked to have included Hot N Cold, but I would have revamped it. Or Part of Me because it’s such an anthem or even Wide Awake because that really resonated with people,” Perry said.

Perry’s performance will also feature an appearance by the legendary Lenny Kravitz – and another female superstar she could not name. She did give us a hint.

“My special unannounced guest comes from – I guess you would say the early 2000s at the height of her popularity,” Perry said. “Although, her music – if it were to drop today – would be just as cool … She was way ahead of her time back in the day … She brings the effortless cool factor into the show.”

And the most important questions of all: Who has better hair? Tom Brady or Russell Wilson?

“I don’t really know Tom Brady personally, although, he does have the hottest wife in the game,” Perry said. “But I know Russell a little bit. He’s great, and he’s been kind to me, and he saw one of my shows for the Prismatic World Tour so I got his back and his hair.”

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