Katie Holmes talks about The Giver, how Kanye got her through some tough times

While on promotion for her upcoming film, The Giver, the one and only Katie Holmes stopped by SiriusXM to speak with OutQ‘s Larry Flick and Stars‘ Jennifer Koppelman Hutt.

“What I love about our profession is it’s ever-changing, and you have to kind of balance out your ideas with kind of what’s popular so you make sure you’re still telling stories or being a part of storytelling that people wanna see. I’m really excited about the medium of television right now. Obviously there’s so much great stuff on TV and I’m trying to find a character to bring to TV that would be fun to watch, fun to play. I’m interested in strong, female characters,” Holmes told Flick.

While Holmes loves spending time with her always fashionable eight-year-old daughter, Suri Cruise, she remains dedicated to exploring her creativity and challenging herself with her work.

“I have another movie coming out this November that was at the Tribeca Film Festival, called Miss Meadows. That was also a really fun character to play. We shot it in Cleveland, Ohio last August. It’s this woman who’s a substitute teacher by day and she’s also a vigilante and she walks around with a pistol in her purse. She rights the wrongs of society, focusing mainly on going after people who harm children. So, it’s been a really creative year and it’s wonderful to immerse yourself in challenging work.”

Then, over at Siriusxm Stars it was Weight Wednesday on Hutt’s Just Jenny show, where Jenny had to get some health tips from Holmes.

“I eat a lot of kale because I hear that’s like the wonder food and I do like yoga and bootcamp. My dad had me start running when I was about 10, three miles a day. Sometimes with him, sometimes with my sister. He got us all very, very active so I’ve always kept that up. A couple years ago, I did the New York City marathon. It was incredible, but it was harder mentally than physically just to keep going. At mile 20, I got really sad, but I made it. I was like, ‘How can there be six more miles?’ Kanye West’s Stronger was like the last six miles, over and over and over,” Holmes shared with Hutt.

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