SiriusXM’s Stars‘ Just Jenny took up the debate surrounding ESPN Sportscaster Stephen A. Smith’s recent comments on the Ray Rice suspension, and she did not mince words. But not all of her callers agreed with her.

Ray Rice, a Baltimore Ravens running back was recently suspended from this season’s first two games after a video surfaced of him pulling his unconscious fiancee out of an elevator and he was arrested and indicted for assault. Many were outraged, claiming that his two game suspension was not a sufficient punishment.

“It’s unclear what exactly happened in that elevator … we only know that part that he has been seen dragging her out of the elevator.”

But a second wave of controversy erupted over the issue when ESPN commentator, Stephen A. Smith, went on a rant about domestic violence, which Jenny sums up as him saying, “yes it was wrong what he did, but ladies, stop provoking men.” In response to Smith’s rant, ESPN female host, Michelle Beadle fired back with twitter:

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“Men are typically, biologically speaking, stronger than women, which is why the double standard occurs of a woman can slap a guy, a guy cannot slap a woman … I am saying that if a women looses her cool … it doesn’t to me give an okay for a man to fight back. I’m not talking about guns, knives and that kind of self defense. I’m saying that if a woman gets in a man’s face and if a woman is ‘provoking’ the way that Steven Smith is implying, I don’t think there’s ever a case that it’s appropriate for a man to hit a women when his life is not in fact in danger.”

In the clip below, Jenny took calls from both men and women on both sides of the issue. Listen below for how the conversation went down.

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