Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich: ‘Don’t let work email control your life’

No matter what your career, there’s one work-related issue that everyone has in common: the inability to stop checking your work email. Appearing on Wake Up With Taylor to talk about this very phenomenon, career coach Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich outlined a few tips for how to unplug when you leave work.

“I’ve been coming up with methods for how to take control of my work email,” began Ilkovich.

Taylor responded with her side: “The only reason I check it is because I’m scared I’ll miss an opportunity. Like, for example, Fashion Week, I was like, ‘I didn’t get invited to any fashion shows. Then in my email, there was this email from Kelly Cutrone’s personal assistant being like, ‘Any single show that you want to attend, just let us know ahead of time, and we’ll put you on the list.'”

OK, so clearly it’s not a great idea to never check your work email when you’re out of the office. But is there a happy medium? Ilkovich thinks that there is. “My recommendation to all people out there: Take email notifications off your phone. Even if it’s your personal email. Don’t have a constant stream of, like, ‘You have an email! You have an email!'”

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