How much would you pay to get the one and only Julia Roberts on the phone? Well, The Highway and Entertainment Weekly Radio recently dreamed the impossible dream — that is to say they got Julia Roberts, star of the Oscar-nominated August: Osage County, on the phone. And we’re sure everyone’s still reeling from the experience. Anyway…

Chatting with The Highway’s Buzz Brainard and EW Radio’s Julia and Mario, Julia delved into everything from what it was like working with August’s impressive cast (Chris Cooper, Meryl Streep, Sam Shepard, Juliette Lewis, and Ewan McGregor, among others) to how stressful it must have been to literally tackle Meryl Streep, who plays Julia’s pill-popping mother in the film.

“Can I tell you? Meryl is so ready for anything,” Julia said of having to fight the film icon in one of the movie’s more jaw-dropping moments. “There is nothing that she will say, ‘Oh no, I’m not gonna do that.'”

“You had to be freaking out, like, ‘Meryl Streep wants me to tackle her,’ replied Buzz.

“Freaking out?? I thought, what if I injure her? What if I break her in two? Then what are we gonna do? We’re going to have to stop filming, and everybody says I’m the bad guy, and I’ve injured the queen of the whole world. So I was very trepidatious, but [Meryl] just kept saying, ‘Come on!'”

Yeah… that doesn’t sound like a recipe for a Hollywood lawsuit at all. Get the scoop on August: Osage County from Julia Roberts herself below.

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Photo credit: The Weinstein Company

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