Celebrity Wife Swap personality Judy Gold sat down with OutQ‘s Frank DeCaro to talk about what it was like being in the first same-sex couple to appear on the ABC reality show. Starring opposite illusionist Penn Jillette, Gold lives in New York City with her two sons and her fiance, Elysa, while Jillette lives in a Las Vegas mansion with his son, daughter, and wife, Emily.

In her interview, Gold described how her finance Elysa went to live in Penn JIllette’s mansion, while “Penn’s wife Emily came and lived in my 950 sq foot apartment with one bathroom… and now, yes she is a lesbian. I mean it took an hour.”

Gold also talked about what it meant for her to be one half of first same sex couple on Celebrity Wife Swap. “The idea that everyone could see that we have the same issues as people with a mother and a father” was very important to her because “they didn’t make it an issue, no one cared.” Gold told Frank that the only thing she was worried about was being paired with “some religious right person who is going to be like ‘what you kids need is a father,’ but it wasn’t like that at all. It was like, ‘why are you Jewish?'”

Later, Gold gave the 4-1-1 on how the show works and the differences between her chaotic, Jewish house and Jilette’s atheist house. Gold admitted that she “clearly looks like the most chaotic, neurotic, crazy, disorganized mother,” whereas the Jillette family has “dinner every night at the same time, and the kids do educational activities.” In fact, Gold described her family as “so competitive, so we ride our ride our bikes everywhere,” while Penn’s kids “don’t even know how to ride a bike. Elysa taught them how to ride a two-wheeler.”

Then, after living with the swap for a couple of days, the rules of the house changed: “We couldn’t be competitive, that was the worst,” said Gold. The Jillette family is “beyond-devout atheists, so we had Shabbat dinner at my house, and then Elysa had to make a Shabbat dinner at their house…that did not go well.”

Gold also described the heated discussion they had over her rent-stabilized apartment and their differences in opinion…”We do lead very different lives.”

Lastly, Gold talked about how the switch affected her two sons: “After a day of people being in our house and telling them when to get up, they were over it pretty quickly, but they played along… It’s very intrusive having all these people in your house.” Gold revealed her number one parenting rule: “I want them to know that funny is the most important thing in the entire world. And no matter how politically incorrect it is, if it gets a laugh, it gets a laugh.”

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