“Good lord, finally, Josh Gordon Week has arrived, everybody!”

Most of the fantasy football community is pretty excited about the return of Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon for Week 12. (A prime example: The Josh Gordon redesign on the fantasy football subreddit.) The NFL’s leading receiver in 2013 (1.646 yards), Gordon makes his season debut against the Atlanta Falcons Sunday at 1 pm ET.

There’s a reason it’s just “most” of the fantasy football community, though, and not “all.” And I’m not talking about you, fantasy football owner who is playing against the guy who kept Gordon on his roster for three months. I’m talking about Jeff Mans, the always fiery SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio host.

Throughout the year, Mans has advocated against rostering Gordon. As you’ll hear below, Mans believes that those owners who have had Gordon the entire season “probably cost [themselves] a win; at least a win or two.” But for those that did hold on to Gordon? Why on earth are you wondering if you should bench the guy in his season debut?!

“Don’t be a coward,” Mans said on his program. “All of you people, this is the time. This is the place. We’ve been talking all season about, ‘Oh, I’m saving him, I gotta save him, I can’t possibly cut Josh Gordon, I gotta save him.’ All right. Well you did it.

“For one,” Mans continued, “if you call me with a Josh Gordon lineup question, I might punch you in the face. They don’t want me telling my listeners that anymore, that I’m gonna punch them and physically abuse them. But I might. Why are you holding on to him for 12 weeks? Why are you holding him if you’re not going to play him against one of the best match-ups possible? What were you doing? What was the point? What was the point of it? I’ll answer your question, but I’m going to say the same thing every time: Why did you hold him? If he’s a borderline starter for you, well then what was the point of holding him for 12 weeks?”

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