It’s been a rough season thus far for the Padres, especially at the plate. The club is dead last in the league in batting average (.214), on-base percentage (.274), runs (231) and hits (538).

On Sunday, the Padres began the process of what executive chairman Ron Fowler described as a “reset” for the team. That reset started from the top, as general manager Josh Byrnes was relieved of his duties. San Diego will employ an interim GM-by-committee in his stead, comprised of Senior VP of Baseball Operations Omar Minaya and Assistant GMs A.J. Hinch and Fred Uhlman Jr.

Byrnes, who was Padres GM since October 2011 after several years as GM of the Arizona Diamondbacks, joined MLB Network Radio‘s Power Alley with Mike Ferrin and Jim Duquette Monday to talk about the circumstances of his dismissal.

I think there’s been an awful lot of change here as the new owners have come in and Mike Dee has come in […] there were higher expectations and we’re not having a good season, so when you’re an inherited GM and your team’s not winning enough, these things can happen.

Byrnes wouldn’t delve too deep into his relationship with the ownership group, but it was clear that there was a discord.

“I think the most essential thing is really getting on the same page. Who we are as an organization. How good are we? Where’s our talent? Where isn’t our talent? Where does our money take us?” Byrnes said. “A sports organization has to be honest with itself, has to be authentic. It’s sort of your living, breathing identity, and I don’t think we all got on the same page on that one.”

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