The 2014 season may end up becoming the Year of the Tommy John Surgery. On Friday, Marlins ace Jose Fernandez underwent ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction after leaving his May 9 start in San Diego with elbow pain. Fernandez had quickly become one of the most exciting stars in Major League Baseball.

MLB Network Radio’s guests and analysts have been discussing the impact of what losing Fernandez means to not only the Marlins, but to fans of the game.

Inside Pitch’s Jim Bowden:

Jose Fernandez is as entertaining as he is a great pitcher. His stuff is was devastating as any young 20-year-old I’ve ever seen since covering baseball. I was a GM for 15 years, spent a quarter of a century in front offices and he’s one of those guys you just stop, you hold your breath and you can’t wait for his next start. You can’t wait for his next slider, his next fastball and the next wave he’s going to perform in the dugout. And now Major League Baseball has to put that on hold.

Marlins President of Baseball Operations Michael Hill:

[It’s] definitely a big blow to deal with, but we’ve been able to create some upper level depth and an opportunity will be presented for Anthony Desclafani tomorrow to see if he can step up and take advantage of an opportunity.

Marlins manager Mike Redmond:

First of all, it is a big blow, not just for us and for our team, but for Major League Baseball. This guy is dynamic and exciting, he’s all those things that we all love about this game. So, as far as the injury, it’s crazy. There’s not a whole lot to say. All of the sudden everything is going great and the next thing you know he’s headed for surgery.

Padres manager Bud Black:

I didn’t see the command that I’ve seen out of him, he was a little bit scattered and that led me to believe that maybe something was a little bit off.

Red Sox manager John Farrell:

It’s alarming how many guys have gone down and it’s sad to see a guy of his caliber be the next one facing it.

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