Jon Bon Jovi, John Fogerty to play Howard Stern’s Birthday Bash

The list continues to grow and grow

Monday on The Howard Stern Show, Howard announced two more musical guests for his epic birthday show, taking place Jan. 31 in New York City.

“We have told you on the music side of things we have Steven Tyler coming by,” Howard began. “Jon Bon Jovi is going to perform, which I’m very excited to see Jon, and also one of my heroes will perform that night, one of the greats – the all-time greats – a guy whose every record I ever brought, when he was in Creedence Clearwater Revival and later his solo stuff, John Fogerty will come by to perform two great songs.”

Howard also assured Robin and his listening audience that the surprised aren’t over.

“The list just begins there, Robin, it just begins there.”

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