It’s time to stop comparing Johnny Manziel to Super Bowl XLVIII-winning quarterback Russell Wilson.

That’s the point Phil Simms wanted to get across during his appearance on Mad Dog Sports Radio’s Schein on Sports Wednesday.

“First off, Russell Wilson is more explosive, he’s naturally bigger and stronger than Johnny Manziel,” Simms told Adam Schein. “They’re not even in the same universe, they’re not even close in arm strength.”

That wasn’t the only criticism Simms, who has been outspoken about the lack of quality in this year’s quarterback class, had of Johnny Football.

“It would concern me, a lot, that he ran a 4.68 at the Combine,” Simms said, referring to Manziel’s time in the 40-yard dash. “Everybody goes, ‘Oh, this is the Combine’ … Look, there’s parameters that you need to go with in all sports.

“I’ll ask you, Adam Schein, is he gonna get faster?” When Schein said no, Simms continued, “The 30-inch vertical jump – I know it’s a vertical jump, but I hate to say it, it bothered me. I expected more explosion. If you’re gonna be a scrambling, move-around quarterback, I think that’s a pretty important thing, to be explosive and to do these things. And the size, I don’t care what he weighed at the Combine, those weights with quarterbacks and a lot of other players, they’re bloated.”

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