The Oakland Raiders looked like a rejuvenated team on Sunday, nearly pulling off an upset against Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts. The reason Oakland looked more like a playoff contender than the league’s worst team? Quarterback Terrelle Pryor, John Madden said Wednesday on Madden Football.

“I watched all of their games in the preseason, and their offense, when they didn’t have him in there, was just dead,” Madden said. “The whole team was dead. They didn’t seem to have any life, their defense wasn’t exciting, and their offense wasn’t exciting. And then they would bring Terrelle Pryor in, and everyone would get excited. The fans would get excited, the offense would get excited, the defense played better. And so you just knew, as this process was going along, that he was gonna be the starting quarterback. And then you see him in that opener, and you see why.

“He gives hope to the Raiders.”

Madden, Rich Gannon and Adam Schein also spoke about the team’s new-look attitude, and how far away the Raiders are from returning to the top half of the league.

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